Thursday, June 09, 2005

Joining a KAL!

For the uninitiated, that's KAL for knit-along! In my case, for the ribbon x-back tank top from The knit-along started back when the summer Knitty issue came out. I've been perusing the posts for a while, and I knew before I started that if you don't use 100% cotton ribbon yarn, you'll need negative ease. I bought some Berroco Zen to use for it, in Umeboshi Plum (discontinued), but then I remembered I had stashed lots of Gedifra Poesie (in 2045, Magic Carpet -- woooo!), a frothy mostly-manmade ribbon yarn. The Poesie matched the gauge better, so less math (or less knitting with doubled yarn -- a PITA plus a thicker fabric, which ain't so hot for a hot-weather tank).

I started with it, did 3" or so of seed stitch in a smaller size than I would've expected, and then signed when the fabric wasn't so great (too seethrough and stretchy -- translation: would ride up and show too much BELLY) and the size was waaaay too big. A knitted inner tube. Harumph. So now I'm probably going back to the Zen. I only have 4 balls, but I'll probably bitch to Yarnia (where I bought the yarn) if it's not enough for the pattern in the size I purchased, which is supposed to be enough for a medium/large.

I'm also working on the Smooch tank. I got my ducks in a row with it, FINALLY (I did one too many decrease rows at the waist), and am just about to the armpits. However, I am supposed to do about twelve more rows and yet only knit a couple more centimeters per the pattern. Eh, I'll just keep counting my rows; the front and back will match at least!

Also, a happy shout-out to Amy for her zip-front cardigan in the Fall issue of Interweave Knits. Buy it when it comes to newsstands in a month or so! It doesn't give Amy any nickels, as far as I know, but it would give her many smiles (and probably put a smile on Spawn's tiny mug, too!).

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