Thursday, November 17, 2005

So much work, I just gotta breathe

Wow, I really need to step up my game. I have two big FOs since my last post almost a month ago -- the first sweater I ever did do (awww) and a cute little 2.5-skein version of a one-skein wonder. I'll take some modeling shots -- ooh la la -- tomorrow after work.

The last full week of work before Thanksgiving, and before my big work fundraising event, is almost over. I cannot express my relief! So much stress and such exhaustion, almost to a delightful conclusion. (The fundraiser should be a big hit, on the upswing!)

One more FO: I made a goofy fuzzy white hat -- the Russian-looking number out of Stitch n Bitch Nation. I gifted it to my dear Hannah on her way to Espana, though, and didn't photograph the hat carefully. I'll flip through my shots of her the night I gifted it; I think I have one. So irresponsible of me! Sigh. Must...keep...track...of knitting...

WIP List (wip it good):

1. multidirectional scarf, Fiesta La Boheme in Sedona (black/ecru/fuchsia) for Rikeesha on NDH* -- approx. 60% done.

2. Kepler with Rowanspun aran in autumnal orange, almost completed first sleeve cable band, about 10% done.

3. broken rib scarf, Berroco Softy in dark green, NDH gift for somebody (ain't telling), about 25% done.

So that's six pictures I pledge, oh so solemnly, come the weekend. Thanks to all five of you who read this!

*NDH=non-denominational holiday. I'm considering switcing over to New Year's. Is the solstice truly non-dem or is it more earthy-wiccan? Tell me your thoughts, O Five Wise Readers.

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Mrs.Curvy said...

You have been a busy bee! Congrats on your first sweater!! Your KR elf buddie.