Friday, January 06, 2006

Tagged by the fug

While blogsurfing, I happened upon JenLa's blog -- and the meme got me: create the ugliest Yahoo! Avatar possible.

The two she came up with sort of use up all the good fugly ideas. I went for Le Strange:

Drunken Zoologist Partaaaay!

It's hard to see her facial expression, which is called "Special" by the avatar program. And you can only barely see the red spidey hanging over the polar bear. That is in honor of Bonne Marie's spidey hat! (While you're there, check out her wacked-out American girl avatar.)

Knitting content, you say? Er, embarrassingly enough, I started another project. A hat from Interweave Knits' winter '05/'06 "cover your ears" hat project. I already hat two skeins of Misti Baby Alpaca Chunky, and I did NOT have a really warm handknit hat that wasn't itchy, so it has begun. Three rows, but still! This will be super-toasty due to its really tight gauge (4 sts/1" on size 7 needles) considering the weight of the yarn and its roomy earflaps. Download the free PDF of 7 hat patterns at Interweave Knits online.

Update at 3:00: Arrrgh, I just remembered another UFO to add to my sidebar: the girly poncho! My friend's daughter needs her recycled silk poncho-fabulous ASAP. I can't believe I forgot about it. (Just need to block, seam, and fringe -- before she grows out of the darn thing!)

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Kim said...

Hi Laura,
I just found out that the knit tracker is a wee bit broken. I was linking to a file on indgirls site and she moved her site. I now have the image on my site and you will need to change one line of the code. E mail me for help :-)