Monday, February 20, 2006

What's happening, Clappy?

For the Knitting Olympics, I'm chugging along on a Clapotis. As promised yesterday, here are some progress photos, featuring lovely cats getting in the %$#@! way...

I'm doing the version as called for in the pattern, with the option to add more straight rows if I have time (the only downside to doing this for the Olympics: I may just decide to fudge and go with the pattern even though I want it to be longer...must weigh the options responsibly). Right now I'm about to drop the ninth ladder (9th repeat of the 13 called for, and still almost a week to go. Not bad!)

I'm using up to two 500 yd hanks of Brooks Farm Harmony (mohair/wool/silk blend) in a beautiful "spring flame" colorway. (Thanks to Rikeesha for the comment comparing my Clappy to the Olympic flame!)

(Click to enlarge)

I think this accurately shows the colors: from yellow to orange to pink to purple, with some muted browns mixed about.

This photo was taken today on the back of my sunny overstuffed chair. I also endeavored to photo my Clappy in the window, on the cat's window seat. Bad idea.

Eli got veeerrrry curious and the Clappy had to be moved posthaste. No permanent damage was done, though he did get a couple claws in. I should have foreseen this from yesterday's behavior from...

...Margot. I didn't get a shot of her in the act of making bread* out of Clappy, but when she finished with that she sat DOWN. on. it. When Margot sits, there's no point trying to move her. I eventually pried her off and wisely moved Clappy to the other side of me.

But it's all worth it. Behold La Clapotis burning like the Olympic flame!

Feel your jealousy sear your soul! Sing, "How much is that Clappy in the window?" PRICELESS! Bwa haha haha!

I'm better now.

* Making bread: kitty kneading, and with these fully-loaded kitties that means claws out!


Tanya said...

Really beautiful! I'm waiting on the last skein I need to arrive in the mail. My kitty, Bonita, is also addicted to my clapotis--I keep catching her "making bread" (cute way to put it!).

Good to see you posting again--and congrats on the engagement!

I've got something I've been meaning to send you...

Tanya (your former secret pal)

Mrs.Curvy said...

Your clapotis is such a grogeous color! You have done such a great job on it! Congrats again on the engagement! That so sweet.

Mom said...

Your clapotis is simply gorgeous! You are a wonderful knitter. I taught you well! Ha! Ha!

Nik said...

clapotis is a great pattern. everyone is making it, which makes me thing i'm TOTALLY missing out on something.