Saturday, November 20, 2004

I...did it!

Well, I gave in and began a blog. Partially it's so I can show off my knitting projects...and my kitties...but also just to have a good way to get out of mass email. No but seriously, let's philosophize later, shall we? First things first. What is a lorikeet, and moreover, a Laurakeet?

A lorikeet is a parakeet-looking bird that lives in Australia. If you've ever been to the San Diego wild animal sanctuary or zoo, you might have fed one nectar from a cup. I did, years ago, and just recently I put together the similarity of the bird's name to my own. More on lorikeets here.

It gets more complicated but not more interesting. Mostly, I like to think...beautiful plumage! (Yes, it's a Monty Python reference. Eat my shorts. [That, of course, being another reference. Gah.]) And parentheticals to ETERNITY!

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