Thursday, December 16, 2004

A low-fi sort of thing

Well, I wanted to learn fancypants HTML and get all kinds of buttons and doohickeys on here, which kept me from updating at all.

It's not a good excuse, but it's true. Frances AND Amanda agree. Also others. Hannah, mayhaps.

So, I have heard a request for funny websites, or perhaps merely the ones I visit. Now I must admit that I have become a sick, sad frequenter of Ebay as well as discount yarn sites such as Elann and "stash sales" on Knitter's Review forums. These are not recommended for people on tight budgets. Oops!

However I am making so much kick-ass stuff that my friends will forget to comment on how sunken my eyes look and how my hair is falling out from malnutrition.

A warning to everyone who is thinking of having a bachelorette party any day soon: I will make you one of these. It is only necessary.

A very good webcomic is ending December 31. Goodbye Wigu.

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