Sunday, February 19, 2006

What happened so far in '06

1. January 5: Long-time lovely boyfriend proposed! I accepted.

2. January 6-7, and onward: Called family and friends to share the good news.

3. January 7-present: Knit quite a bit.* Did lots of wedding planning. Told more friends about my blog, yet didn't update it. Some friends commented on heavy knitting content (heehee, sorry, it is what it is!).

4. February 10: Began Knitting Olympics by casting on for Clapotis. Better late than never to get on that bandwagon, eh? (And yes, I am part of Team Clapotis! Go go fellow knitters!)

4. Today: Checked alternate email address (used to be my main one) and realized the Midwest Knitters webring was gonna boot me if I didn't get this blogging show on the road!

So, some more about my Clapotis: I'm using Brooks Farm Harmony (55% mohair, 22.5% silk, 22.5% wool) in an orange/pink/tan/purple blend. Very springy! And as my friend pointed out, very reminiscient of the Olympic flame. Accidental poet, that's me! I have 1,000 yards of this stuff, but I won't use it all. I'm more than halfway through and I haven't even finished one of the 500 yard skeins.

Winding this yarn is wild! I wind half of one skein onto a ball winder and then just leave the rest of the skein dangling from the outside thread. (And I spit-felt ends together when I run into knots, or when the cats chew the yarn apart. Damn cats.)

Come back tomorrow for Clapotis photos! (Maybe tonight, if the lighting isn't as sucky as I think it is...)

* All of the updates I should've made will come in time. This includes photos of FOs like my fuchsia cabled hat, my tightly-knit alpaca helmet, and details on UFOs in progress like Kepler, the Softy scarf, and the "when-will-I-finish-this" girly poncho.

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Kelly said...

Congrats on the engagement!