Wednesday, December 22, 2004

A very merry Solstice!

It's a few days late, but JEEZUS it is winter. I know, I know, I ignored all the warnings about how hard a Chicago winter is, but I thought that four years in Minnesota would toughen me. Alas! It is all that Minnesota was plus wind. At least there are wonderful coffee shops and heated buses.

I'm driving home with Charlie tomorrow for holidays with Me Folks. It is going to snow all the damn way there. Yippee.

I am still finishing a couple of knitted gifts (including one BIRTHDAY gift for a certain lady who was born the very last day of 1980), but what are nasty car rides for? Drive, Charlie, drive!

I just got a yarn swift and ball winder in the mail. Naughty chicken that I am, I shall have to soon wind up all of my un-wound yarn skeins. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you won't truly appreciate it. Suffice it to say that without this stuff, I relied on the back of the chair and the mercy of the kitties. Thank you Joann's for coupons.

Soon I will add some photos of finished knitted projects and works in progress (WIPs, y'all uninitiated). Or you can say FOs for finished objects and...UFOs...for unfinished ones. I like that a lot. Knitting lingo is nearly as ridiculous as all the abbreviations at Carleton!

Think of it: "Did I leave my UFO in the SCIC or the Arb?" (One would be more traumatic than the other. You decide which one.)

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