Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I am never home

At least that's what it feels like this month. I was in West Virginia for three weekends in December, and tomorrow I leave again for Minneapolis for the New Year.

So the drive from Chicago to Morgantown last Thursday (the 23rd) was extremely frustrating. It fell short of traumatic by just a smidgeon. We were driving through Dayton, lucky us, after a record-breaking snowfall. The previous record was 12" in one day; this was 16" in 24 hours, plus eight more on top of that. The roads weren't too bad, but apparently no one in Ohio understands that. I-70 was just shut down with traffic. We thought we would run out of gas idling, with all the exit ramps blocked by snow and/or sideways semis, but we found a plowed U-turn and drove the twenty miles or so back to Indiana. Twenty miles, three hours, half a tank of gas. Ugh!

The next day the roads were better and we eventually reached home.

I am still working on a birthday present for Miss F! Oh, will the Frances Dances ever get to prace into Kansas? At least I can show her the progress even if it's not done in time....because I will see her!!! And all my other Mippelus homies! Rock rock on.

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