Thursday, April 14, 2005

Chugging along

After hitting my rock bottom knitting-wise, I picked myself up off the floor and began again!

I got through the charted lace pattern on Smooch, though I'm holding off continuing up the back until I get my kacha-kacha row counter back from...

...the incredibly quickly-moving loopy pillow for G-ma!

I'll post photos for both of these later. I have some love-r-ly shots of Margot getting interested in the pillow, then chewing it, then getting shooed away. A triptych, people. Classy.

I am back. I am unbeatable! (*Shakes fists in air triumphantly*) Bring me yarn and I shall make it FABRIC.

Plus, if my hands get tired tonight working on the pillow (making the loops is SORE on my left hand) I can start the devil tail fun! Even just the i-cord is a distraction. Watch out, Miss M! You shall soon be made NAUGHTY.

Speaking of, this is me with Dream Haircut:
Laura with short red hair

That is Eli next to me, sort of. Hi, me! And I have my "knitting bag" just as Skinny Rabbit suggests. (Hers is on the right hand side.) Click on me to make your own goofy shoppin' avatar!

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