Friday, April 08, 2005

Knittin' blues...

That's what I got, y'alls.

Today is not as bad as last night, when I originally wrote this post (read: Blogger bites and wouldn't let me upload). I was having a general down night. First I realized I had screwed up Smooch (a cute tank top with a lacey border from Rowan's All Seasons Cotton Collection, knit in -- you guessed it -- Rowan's ASC), or at least too many small errors too many times. I had only done ten rows or so, though those were picot edging and a lace chart, so I thought NEVAHMIND, I will frog it and start over.

I went online to find Smooch advice and found a knit-along from summer 2003. Lots of advice on changing armhole and neck shaping, information on the picot edging -- blah blah, but nothing on the lace chart. I guess I just need to learn charts better and take my time. It's only 11 rows!

See, already much better than last night, when I felt like I could do nothing complicated. Ever. But I'm back to my original philosophy: difficulty makes the heart grow fonder. (Or something like that, right?) The harder projects are usually the ones that give better finished products, and so far I still haven't finished anything I've knit for myself.

Soon -- maybe even in time for Maryland Sheep & Wool! -- I will have a melange orange-and-white (MANGO!) tank top for me me me. This time I will swatch (bad Laura) and measure my tank tops beforehand to prevent yet another big frog-o later on. And I'm taking Boogie's advice and using my real measurements, not my "aren't I a size 5?" ones.

On the non-knitting front....

Sin City is such a great great film. I'm not sensitive about gore (except in war movies), but those of you who are beware, I guess. But honestly it's so stylized it shouldn't bug you much. I only closed my eyes once, and that's because I don't like vomit. Wow, this doesn't come out as a ringing endoresement, does it? Well it is! Awesome looking, cool cool cool. Go see it.

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