Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I am laughing out loud...and other expressions of happiness

...at Pretty Girl's website. This is just killer stuff, y'all.

Knitting my Gramma's pillow is really fun. I'm doing the loopy pillow from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation (pictured here in blue), though I'm planning on doing three colors on the front: turquoise mainly, with two skinny stripes of lime green and bright pink. Gramma loves color!!!

The back of the pattern calls for garter stitch knit on the bias. Though vaguely interesting, I'm inclined to do both sides all loopy and shag-rug-like. But perhaps I don't have enough yarn for it? I do have oodles of Lamb's Pride. And it makes a mighty soft pillow, peeps.

Speaking of which: Bo Peep's Wool Shop wrote back to me today concering my order with them. I backordered some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and some Cascade 220. The Cotton Fleece is holding up my order, but the be-yoo-tiful lime green will be worth it when it arrives, and it slowly but surely gets turned into Trek from Rowan 37. Which means I need some buttons and buckles! This calls for a craft store trip....Oh, and Joann's is having a sale this weekend, you say? How interesting. *naughty laughter*

I'm on a yarn diet, see, but accessories? And beads? And other stuff? Not off limits. Within reason, anyway. *guilty giggle* Plus I probably won't even find buttons and buckles I like at Jo's, but instead little goofery that will just clutter the apartment. Sigh. I'll set a spending limit and make myself happy anyway! *gentle smile of achievement*

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