Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I got a comment tonight from another Carleton graduate from my hometown, but the person left no email address. Leave another comment with your email address! I only know of a few other Carleton folks from Morgantown: Molly Charon (sp?) and a few new freshmen from MHS. Do write!

And for the rest of you...what can I say? The Carleton connection is strong. My friends from college do cool things and go to cool places.

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Terby said...

Hi again! I wondered why I hadn't heard from ya! You can reach me at terby at mac dot com. Let's chat. I don't know Molly, but I think I talked to her about going to Carleton (I'm probably much much much older than you, but still... too cool to find another Midwest knitter from Carleton via Morgantown.) :)