Wednesday, April 27, 2005

If Mom is reading this...

...please stop. Seriously, I feel guilty enough even saying that.

Because, y'all, my dear Mama and I made a YNBA with each other. For the uninitiated, that means Yarn Non-Buying Agreement. This was because we hoped to save up for Maryland Sheep & Wool, and especially for me since I've been stash-building compulsively since Christmas or so.

But then Webs had their anniversary sale. And I finally found a good price on Noro Silk Garden on Ebay. (Go see this seller: flat-rate shipping to U.S. addresses and some nice Noro, Mtn. Colors, and Blue Sky!). And I got a free shipping code for Jimmy Bean's Wool from my spring '05 Interweave Knits, which means several issues of Rebecca and a Noro pattern book to make a pretty thing out of the Silk Garden. And free shipping and 20% off at Yarnia, so I got Zen to make Knitty's X-Back. (No one in the knit-along is using Berroco Zen, but I heard of one girl through Knitter's Review who's doubling it -- I think I'll do that.)

Some yarn diet, eh? At least I've resisted Elann. Not much of an accomplishment, but still. NOW there are only 10 DAYS until the Wool Fest, so I must be good.

Now I just have to finish my G-ma's loopy pillow (front is done, now just the garter stitch back in lime green), sew in ends on the hot pink devil tail for Miss M, and then get chugging on my much-ignored tank top (Smooch, remember?). I resist the urge to be selfish and keep working on the Smooch. Soon, Smooch, soon.

I know I promised photos and didn't deliver -- maybe tonight? Charlie, help!

Non-knitting: I watched the PBS documentary on The Ramones last night, way past my bedtime. It was awesome, but man...kinda depressing. I never realized that they never made it big, really. Yet everybody listens to them and has a t-shirt. (Or at least among my friends?) And I hadn't realized that Johnnie Ramone, the guitarist, is a crazy right-winger. At their Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame induction, he ended his acceptance with "God bless America, and God bless President Bush." (This was W., folks.) Joey Ramone, the lead singer, was a leftist in the proud punk tradition. Weird, though, that they hated each other (aside: Johnnie stole Joey's girlfriend; they are now married) and had totally different worldviews. RIP Joey and DeeDee.


Kim in Oregon said...

My YNBA went out the window within moments of establishing it. Life is too short to pass up on a good yarn sale!

spirals said...

Hi Laura,
I just found your message on Knitter's Review about the Crystal Palace Mikado Ribbon. If you read this first, check out my response!