Thursday, March 31, 2005

Music just sunk my battleship

Don't forget about my stash sale!

I just went ath-crathzy with my With Litht (Wish List) at so I can remember all the GREAT iTunes hoppin' I've done tonight. I remembered two things more or less simultaneously tonight: I found a great new folk singer recently (while in Austin, TX and not-so-coincidentally seeing Austin City Limits on PBS in my hotel room), and I had five free iTunes downloads. Patty Griffin has a strong and wonderful voice, yet she is a tiny lil' twig of a thing. Isn't that how it always is? I recognized two songs from the 30-second snippets and got them. Even Charlie is in love! And she's playing in Chicago on April 24. Who wants to be my date?* If you can possibly get your hands on "Useless Desires" or "When It Don't Come Easy," give Ms. Griffin a try, even if folk ain't your thang.

Plus I got the new Weezer single, "Beverly Hills." It sorta blows, what's new, but I'm a sick loyalist. I know I will never get another "Surfwax America," but that's okay.

On this topic, I could get me some serious knitting vibes if I put on some new CDs...Sounds like an excuse to visit some local music stores!!!

And, anyone got some music suggestions? I prefer unique pop/indie/folky ladies, sorta in that order. I already fed liberally from Jeph's list at Questionable Content, much of which made me snap my fingers and go, "Yeah! [Insert hipper-than-me buddy] recommended that to me!"

* Even if Charlie likes this music, he's not interested in seeing concerts most of the time. I'm already hearty when it comes to amps and loud music, and goodness a FOLK concert won't be loud, but I don't think he'll budge.

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erica said...

Oh wow, Patty Griffin. I've been a fan since her first album that was all accoustic. I'm hoping to go to the show in Chicago. So if you want to meet up you'll have someone to hang out with.