Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Ahhhh...back home again!

Whew! My whirlwind tour of Both Coasts is done. By which I mean, I have been to Pittsburgh/D.C. and back, then to Tucson and back, and now the Windy City greets me anew with freshly cold weather.

The funraiser reception in D.C. was awesome! I met Sargent Shriver, IN PERSON, and was completely awed. I also introduced my parents to Sen. Barack Obama and got my picture taken with him.

In Tucson, my friend Brody's wedding (to the ever-lovely Esther -- seriously, so beautiful, and as a BRIDE? Whoa!) was ever so great, as was the whole weekend. The five Carleton guests (including Charlie and me) got to spend more time than we had even hoped for with Brody on Friday and Saturday. Lots of frisbee, some mini golf, and general hanging around eating pre-wedding-party leftovers.

We went to the Desert Museum outside Tucson, which also makes you drive through the Saguaro National Park. Lots of cacti and arid animalia were photographed. Also, somehow I did not get a sunburn! Trust me on this, that's rare -- I am as white as a polar bear's belly. (Note: polar bears actually have black skin. I just thought this was funny.)

Speaking of photos, I still want to post pics of gifts from Mom, and also some selected Tucson pics. We took about 350 digital photos in Tucson. To be fair, most of them are duplicates when I thought I had blurred the shot, but still, it will take some sorting through to filter out the best ones.

This Secret Pal thing is awesome! I have been looking at some of the gifts those in the exchange have gotten and I am PUMPED. I won't say whether I already sent mine out, but suffice it to say it did/will rock as well.

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kit said...

Glad you had a safe trip. Obama rocks! I'm slightly jealous, but since I couldn't meet him, I'm glad you did! ;)