Friday, March 11, 2005

Leaving on a jet plaaaane

Today is my last day in Chicago for a while. I'm heading home, as I mentioned before, tomorrow morning. Coming back Wednesday night, then leaving Friday night for my friends' wedding in Tucson, coming back Monday afternoon. Whew!

Sherry in Pittsburgh: you left a comment about Yarns Unlimited in Sewickley. That's where Mom and I are going! I couldn't remember the name when I posted the other day. (I would've emailed you but you didn't leave your address.) My mom has been there once before, and she's excited to take me there on the way home from the airport. We live in northern West Virginia, about an hour and a half south of Pittsburgh.

I really don't need any more yarn or patterns, but I'll leave room in my suitcase anyway...

Girl Scout cookies are here. I am trying to limit myself to one "serving" per day, according to the boxes. But let's face it: these little cookies have shrunk over the years, so two Samoas doesn't go too far toward sating my caramel-coconut-chocolate desire. Maybe two servings to start out. I am such a wimp.

Then Easter. I think I'll wait to limit my sugar intake until, uh, April...

If I did LiveJournal, my current mood would be "Guilty, barely."


sherry said...

its sherry, actually home is washington , Pa, so you can't be that far from me! do you live near morgantown???just curious. I was up at the shop on saturday for an that shop.

Terby said...

Ok, if you're another Morgantown native who went to Carleton, we must talk. I thought there was only one!