Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Yeah, so the title, it's just that I'm WAAAY excited about this Secret Pal thing (through the friendly forums at Knitter's Review, a wonderful site besides the message board -- see my sidebar). Right now I'm knitting up something for my pal, which means no updates on that. Suffice it to say that it's really cute and going pretty fast. If it turns out nice, it would be great to make for lots of friends! Befriend me, all ye strangers, and get a Wonderful Knitted Thing. It's possible!

Also Charlie wants me to point out that the kitty photos in Sunday's post (below) are wonderful passage-of-time selections because the cats are sitting on the same blue cushion. I guess they like it, non? It was in the $1 bin at Ikea but didn't fit in its intended place, a chair. Luckily it fits atop the kitties' handmade scratching post. I want to make this one next -- just need a wooden stepladder and some elbow grease. Well, and all the other supplies. Yeah.

I think I may just block the sleeves and lightly block the body of my ribbon twist sweater soon. However, I'm going out of town for a family visit and then a business trip on Saturday morning through Wednesday night. I doubt I can do the blocking and seaming by then...If I get over the feeling of futility with that time frame, I'll start it. I was sick yesterday and it got me feeling behind.

But soon! I will be flying into Pittsburgh & yarn-shopping with Mama! Weeehaw!

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sherry said...

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