Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Gifts and photos!

My my, this post is overdue!

I will be posting photos to go with all of this TONIGHT. (I need Charlie's assistance to get the photos onto his computer and then onto mine.)

In the meantime, as previously reported my Mom gave me WONDERFUL gifts when I went home! The theme here is bright colors, people. She used really fun flourescent fabrics to make me a straight needle roll and a circular needle holder, both patterns from Stitch n Bitch. Neon cats! This stuff is awesome. I still use my wonderful straight-and-DPN roll from Boogie for my DPNs. Now I have more room for straight and double points! *Bwahahaha*

Mama also made me bright socks! They have this awesome twisted stitch that is hard to see in person, so probably also hard to see in a photo, because of the variegated colors. But they FEEL twisted, sister. Ooooo! Mom's in sock mode lately. I now have two pair and expect more as spring wears on. I may have to get on this bus, too, considering that I have the needles and the yarn! (Thanks, Boogie!)

See, Amy (Boogie) was my Santa-Pal last December. She rawked. And NOW I have another awesome Secret Pal through KR who sent me NIIIICE things. First, two balls of Noro Silk Garden, which I have been craving for ages. (One of those put-it-in-the-shopping-cart-then-take-it-out things!) It's color 65 with lots of muted brights in it: purple, turquoise, pink, green, OOOOO! I am really into capital letters over this stuff. Some dark red corriedale rovingg, too, to get my off my butt and spinning! I am PSYCHED to learn this stuff on my spindle. Then, MY FIRST PAIR OF ADDIS! Yes, another shopping cart dilemma. And they're long size 7s, how practical!!! Then, of course, a wonderful sniffy thing: lavender soap, handmade and wrapped in fabric. Such a strong and delightful lavender it is!

I think I now have to ration exclamation points for the next few posts. Oh well.

For knitting content, here I go: I have been slaving away on the drop-stitch ribbon scarf, which seems to be taking forever. I think I'll work hardcore on it this week and (cross my fingers) finish it at this weekend's Stitch 'n' Bitch with my knittin' coworkers. Alas, Traci must miss this one again! She is the only one who still doesn't know how to knit. Darn her and her LSAT test prep. Wouldn't we all rather be knitting? (Says someone with no idea of taking the LSATs in the near future...)

My Banff sweater (from knitty) is a little too itchy. Not sure what to do with this "barn yarn" as Bonne Marie would say. Maybe it's finally getting too warm to work on this wooly mammoth! Good and bad, I suppose.

The green sweater (Honey) still needs to be sewn up. I think I'll only block the sleeves separately due to the sweater's odd costruction, then wet-block the body as one piece after stitching it up.

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